The 930

Imagined Animals-Don't miss this 930 exhibit!


by Bradley Speaks, SojournKids & Sojourn Visual Arts.  on view February 20th - March 22, 2009 in the 2nd floor gallery. TWO PROJECTS:

A Collaborative Project Between SojournKids and Sojourn Visual Arts

For this first project, about 40 little Picassos at Sojourn church were encouraged to draw animals out of their imaginations.  Older kids and adults then drew, collaged, and painted on top of those original drawings, making them even more wild.  Others were then asked to create names for the imagined animals and write a brief pseudo-scientific description of them.

Continuous Line Yarn Drawings by Bradley Speaks

Bradley speaks will be drawing on the walls with some unlikely tools - a hammer and nails, and a very long string.  This site-specific piece will follow the theme of imagined animals as well.

HT: The 930 Art Center: Imagined Animals.