The Coming Savior

Thursday Book Club: The Coming Savior Advent Devotional

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Some friends of mine at Covenant Fellowship Church in Glenn Mills, PA, have put together an amazing devotional for the four weeks of Advent. It traces four prophecies from the Old Testament through their announcement and fulfillment in the birth of Christ. The preface explains:

This booklet is designed to help you on a journey, exploring the most wonderful prophecies of the Bible, which predicted the coming of the Christ Child hundreds of years before the reign of Caesar Augustus and the census which drew Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem. Then, it will lead you through the fulfillment of those same prophesies, tracing the redemptive plan of God all the way to the second Advent, when God is united in person, to his redeemed people.

For each prophecy, the devotional also provides an accompanying holiday activity to do with your family. I've come across it a bit late this year, but I think this devotional may guide our family through the Christmas season in 2012. Click here to download a copy of this great resource!