Timothy J- Keller

Giving Thanks in the City

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Let's admit it.  Most do not think of the city as an ideal place to raise children.  Cities are dangerous.  The taxes and cost of living are higher.  And and it is simply more difficult to navigate through the public transportation jungle with a stroller.  But Christians are needed everywhere from Massena, Iowa to Manhattan.  In an October 2006, Dr. Timothy J. Keller of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York gave several reasons for Christian parents that have chosen to live in the city to be thankful.  Certainly our context in Louisville is not nearly as urban as NYC, but one of Keller's points hit home with me. Keller states, "With so many young singles in the city, there are strong Chrisitan role models that kids want to be like."  In cities and college towns, young singles abound.  And, thankfully, many of these young singles are committed to Jesus.  Moreover, since they are young, single, and slightly more hip than the average parent, church kids actually want to be like them.   Today, I am thankful for all of the young men and ladies without children who give their time to serve with our children's ministry.  Thank you for being examples for my daughters and all of Sojourn's kids.  I pray that Sojourn will always be filled with this "role model" generation.  Our children need their examples.