Tyler Ratliff

Meet Tyler Ratliff! Our SojournKids Music Director

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We’re continuing our staff profiles this week with the introduction of Sojourn intern, Tyler Ratliff. Tyler does an amazing job leading our SojournKids Music teams weekly. He schedules the Midtown team, writes the kids liturgy for our teams across our campus network, and he leads the kids band that plays at Midtown on Sundays. I'm really thankful for Tyler. He has always been an amazing musician, and he has grown into an equally amazing children's worship leader. Tyler describes himself this way: "I grew up in Eastern Kentucky and came to Louisville to attend Boyce College for a music degree. I found Sojourn in my senior year and stuck around after graduation. In my spare time, I spend my time like the average American 20-something: reading Patristic literature (that's the Early Church Fathers) and listening to post-rock and ambient music."

1. What is your current role with SojournKids? I'm the Director of Kids' Worship. I choose songs for the kids to sing on Sunday, write a corresponding liturgy, and recruit and schedule musicians to lead the music. I lead Kids' worship songs at Sojourn Midtown during the morning services.

2. What is your favorite part of your job? I love it when kids put things together and answer questions in words we didn't teach them:

Me: "Does anybody know what grace is?"

Three-year-old: "Grace is when we sin but God still loves us!"

That's what this is about.

3. What hopes, dreams, and aspirations do you have? I'd love to be as self-sustaining as possible someday-to grow and raise my own food, and to learn as much as I can about traditional methods for doing it. I'd also love to be a fluent reader of Latin and biblical Greek and Hebrew.

4. What is your favorite / funniest SojournKids memory? One time one of the kids was wearing overalls and walking around, saying "I'm Jamie Barnes! I'm Jamie Barnes!" (Jamie's one of our elders and main worship leaders. He never wears overalls). Later in the day one of the boy's overall straps slipped off. He started saying "I'm Jamie Barnes!" again, and another child said "No, you don't look like him anymore." I have no idea what made them both think he looked like Jamie in the first place; maybe the overall strap?

5. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? What is your favorite Louisville ice cream shop? Hands down! Birthday Cake ice cream from Homemade Ice Cream & Pie Kitchen!