VBS 2012

VBS Snack Menu & Allergy Options


Alright Sojourners, VBS starts tomorrow! Here is a preview of the daily snack menu. If you have questions or think that your child may have an allergy, please let an attendant know at registration tomorrow morning, and be sure that your child's allergy prints correctly on their name badge.

The daily snack menu for VBS will be as follows:

Monday: Cheese, pretzels, grapes

Tuesday: Mini Cheese Ritz, bananas, marshmallows

Wednesday: Goldfish, Apple Slices

Thursday: Trail mix of leftovers–pretzels, Mini, Goldfish crackers, marshmallows and raisins (+ leftover fruit on the side)

Friday: Cookies

(*Allergy Alert* For wheat, gluten, and dairy on all days; our VBS is a peanut and tree nut free environment)

Daily allergy / restricted diet alternatives: Cheerios, dried fruit, and Honey Chex cereal