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“My wife and I pray regularly that God will give our daughter a love for the church. Our hope is that as her own faith in Christ grows it will be inseparably joined to a deep identification with and love for the rest of her church “family.” In this book I have found a great tool to encourage the very understanding and affections for which we are praying. She will learn that the church is not first where we go or what we do, but who we are as a people called out to belong to him through Christ. This is a perfect companion book to Our Home is Like a Little Church." — Jim Weidenaar, staff

“Not only is your home like a little church, but your church is like a big family. Here is a book for children with great substance regarding the nature of God’s Church. What is the Church teaches both children and parents alike what it means to be God’s people, the Church. Mandy Groce and Bill Bell ably show that God calls all his people to worship, service, and learning; everywhere, everyday. Following in the same lyrical style and child-like drawings, this is a much needed companion to Our Home is like a Little Church.” — Micah Bickford, Westminster Bookstore Staff