Serving Together

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I got to share this on Sunday night during the 7PM service. It is a great testimony of how God can focus us on giving to others while at the same time providing for our own needs. 7 people signed up to serve with KIDS after the service. Thanks Daniel for your testimony! You can sign up to serve HERE!

My wife Katie and I moved to Louisville, from California, about two months prior to joining the Harris Community Group. At that point, the majority of the group members served with KIDS at the five o’clock Midtown service. We became members about a month later, and began serving. I began serving in Connect and subbing once a month in KIDS for Dan Cassin (a fellow CG member), and Katie began serving in KIDS as a two-year-old teacher.

While we did not realize it at the time, God was using the interaction with other CG members, in the context of serving, as a catalyst for growth for our community. We were not only seeing one another on Tuesday night for group gatherings, but Sunday evening as well. I am hesitant to state the obvious, but the more time we spent together, the closer we got, allowing us to better bear each other’s burdens, and share in one another’s joys. Beyond merely spending more time together, we shared in the experience of serving Christ’s bride collectively, which in turn focused the group on others’ needs.

We love being able to serve alongside fellow community group members, and experiencing life on life to a fuller extent. --Daniel White, Community Group Leader, Midtown Kids 5:00 Service Cooridnator