Capture your kids' hearts... with these children's books about the gospel, church, and family from the SojournKids team.

PROOF Pirates: Finding the Treasure of God's Amazing Grace by Lindsey Blair, Timothy Paul Jones, and Jonah Sage

PROOF Pirates introduces kids to God's amazing grace through a fun-to-read pirate story about a boy named Jesse whose parents send him on a scavenger hunt. Along the way, children will learn with Jesse key truths about God's grace using the popular PROOF acronym (God's grace is Planned, Resurrecting, Outrageous, Overcoming, and Forever). God's grace and not our performance makes us who we are. 

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Just Nicholas by Annie Kratzsch and illustrated by Tessa Janes

A children's book and family devotional for Christmas that tells the story of Nicholas of Myra, the Christian saint from whom has come the legend of Santa Claus. Young children live in a consumer world. Just Nicholas teaches children that the true joy of Christmas is found in giving and showing mercy to those in need. We can give like Nicholas gave, because that is how God has given Jesus to us.

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What is the Gospel? by Mandy Groce and illustrated by Tessa Janes

What is the Gospel?  teaches children that God's kingdom is entered through Christ's cross and by God's grace. This whole gospel is given to us as one beautiful mosaic. Our hope is that this little book will help children to see this from their earliest years.

Our Home is like a Little Church by Lindsey Blair and Bobby Gilles with illustrations by Tessa Janes

Our Home is like a Little Church  teaches preschool children that all  the practices present in a Christian worship service--the Bible, prayer, and praise--should be present in the home as well. Our Home is Like a Little Church teaches this truth by repeatedly putting church and home side by side-on adjacent pages.



What is the Church? by Mandy Groce and Bill Bell with illustrations by Tessa Janes

What is the Church?  teaches preschool children that the church is not a building. It is a people that God has called together and made alive by faith.  Although the activities of the church are important this book begins with who God's people are -- recognizing that the church's activity results from its identity. When we call children to be a part of the church, we are calling them to be a part of a gospel people.

Here is what people are saying...

Our Home is like a Little Church helps both children and fathers see some of the beauty and richness of their relationship.
— Bruce A. Ware, Professor of Christian Theology, Southern Seminary
I LOVE Our Home is like a Little Church because it provides a beautiful picture of what it looks like for a father to be the spiritual leader in the home.
— Jason Houser, Seeds Family Worship
Family devotional time can be overwhelming. Sharing God’s big truths with little hearts is not an easy task. The PROOF Pirates Family Devotional has changed the game by making devotional time fun and full of gospel goodness. Your heart will be encouraged as you share the Good News with your children.
— Jessica Thompson, Author of Exploring Grace Together
The PROOF Pirates devotional is a delightful, grace-filled adventure that will help remind young (and old) spiritual scallywags that there is an amazing God in heaven wholoves them and wants to lavish undeserved favor on them through Christ.
— Joshua Cooley, Author of the One Year Devotions with Jesus